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Zoku Launches New Consumer-Friendly Website

Zoku has launched a new website,, to showcase its product line as well as to offer an expanded recipe blog with ideas for creating “homemade foodie fun,” the company said.

Created in response to the brand’s expanding new product vision, the website features products that were designed for every age range. From its kid-friendly fish pops to the Iced Coffee Maker, the brand has built a franchise with adults and kids alike by enhancing desserts, snacking, and cocktail hour.

The new site features new, hi-res photography, a recipe blog for slush, soda, ice cream, shakes, dairy-free, alcohol, pops and chocolate-inspired foods and more.

The site also includes an inside look at the company’s contemporary design collective as well. Named after the Japanese word for “family,” Zoku has an office that the company uses as a “playground for creative collaboration,” the company said, and this element is also highlighted on the website.

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