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Zavor Debuts Noir Cookware Collection

Zavor has debuted its Noir Collection of cast aluminum cookware that features a Whitford ceramic non-stick coating.

“Our new curated line provides ceramic coated cast aluminum cookware pieces with functionality, superior performance and aesthetic appeal,” said Sara de la Hera, vp/sales and marketing for Zavor.

The Noir collection will come with all black handles for each piece that can be easily removed and replaced with one of Zavor’s initial color options for both handles and grips— chili pepper red, royal blue, butternut squash orange, sky blue and mint green. The removable handles allow skillets and pans to be placed in the dishwasher much more comfortably and provide a more compact storage solution, according to Zavor.

Other added benefits of this collection include tempered glass lids with a steam vent and a flat design for easy storage. Additionally, the pieces are oven safe up to 445°F when the handles are removed.

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