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Yes, Chef

GOURMET INSIDER® recently spoke to chef Thomas Harkins, who oversees all of the culinary operations at the Loews Philadelphia, about outfitting a new kitchen, no matter what the lifestyle occasion. These are the goods he feels every new home cook needs on their registry.

High Quality Chef’s Knife
“It’s worth the money. You can use it for pretty much any type of knife work — boning, chopping, filleting,” he said.

Cast Iron Skillet
According to Harkins, there can be many uses for this piece of cookware.

Plastic Cutting Boards
“These are great for small kitchens with limited counter space. They are easy to move around and they clean real easy,” Harkins said.

French Press Coffee Maker
“The coffee taste so much better and has a more robust flavor than using a pod-based machine,” said Harkins.

KitchenAid Mixer
“The thing I like most about this is how universal it is. It has meat grinder attachments, pasta attachments and vegetable peeler attachments,” said Harkins.

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