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W&P Expands Into Food Storage

W&P Design has entered the portable food storage segment, capitalizing on the consumer interest in preparing their own meals with fresh ingredients, while also minding their budget.

Launched in 2012, W&P Design has gained awareness in the housewares industry with its design-oriented, eco-conscious products such as its Carry On Cocktail kits and Cheese Knife.

Focusing on the on-the-go food storage segment, the company is launching the Porter Bowl, which is designed for on-the-go meals. The bowl holds 4.5-cups and is available in ceramic and plastic in order to provide consumers at various pricepoints with a modern option for toting their lunch. The Porter bowl is scheduled to be available October 8.

“For Porter, we’re tackling sustainability, budget-friendliness and healthful living in a single product,” said Elizabeth Tilton, head of marketing and public relations, W&P Design. “Our ceramic Porter Bowl is truly unique in the market, offering a luxurious lunch option that is a significant upgrade from plastic or metal, while still being designed for easy carrying in a backpack or tote. Our plastic Porter Bowl offers the same design functionality at a lower pricepoint, and is made exclusively with BPA-free, high-quality materials.”

Both of the bowls are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, according to the company, and come with a rigid plastic lid with a snap-tight silicone strap. The bowls also have a protective wrap to help prevent breaks and scratches. The ceramic Porter bowl has a glazed ceramic interior and comes in blush, slate, mint, charcoal and cream colors. The plastic Porter bowl has a plastic interior and comes in red, navy, green, black and tan colors.

From the beginning, Tilton said that it has always been a goal for W&P Design to create innovative products that improve customers’ everyday interactions with food and drink, with lunch being a focus as it is one of the most relevant meals in the day. In addition, the company has noted that more consumers are ordering takeout, which, Tilton added, creates a significant amount of single-use plastic and packaging waste, in addition to being more expensive and less beneficial to their overall health.

“We believe that part of this trend is that existing to-go lunch products have not sufficiently met the needs of the market— they leak, they break, they are not microwave-safe or they are simply unattractive. Our Porter Bowl is designed to motivate you to want to pack your own lunch because it is an aesthetically pleasing, practical and high-quality alternative to other to-go lunch containers,” she said.

In addition, the new Porter containers help eliminate plastic waste generated by takeout meals and can also help consumers save money, she said. Tilton said the company observed that those consumers packing their lunch save, on average, $6 to $10 per meal, in addition to the added benefits for overall health and wellness.

The new Porter containers also provide W&P Design with an opportunity to expand its customer base, reaching new retailers that may not yet be familiar with the company. The design company’s products have generally been seen as giftable products, such as the Carry On Cocktail kit as well as tools for everyday entertaining, such as the Cheese Knife and its portfolio of products for mixology, coffee and tea.

With the Porter bowl, the company said it is making a strong statement about its values as a company— which go beyond eye-catching design to helping solve a global issue.

“We can see consumer awareness about packaging waste developing in real time with the straw ban and other initiatives, and we are excited to enter the market with an exciting everyday solution,” said Tilton.

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