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Wood Cutting Board Questions You Need To Ask

How do I know if wood cutting boards come from responsibly managed forests?

Many companies that sell wood cutting boards claim the material used is from responsibly managed forests, but retailers and consumers only have their word for it. Simply stating that products come from responsibly managed forests is not enough. One of the best ways of ensuring a cutting board is from a responsible source is to look for FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council).



Why is FSC certification important to the wood cutting board buying process?

FSC is a not-for-profit organization committed to the responsible management of forests. FSC audits certified producers annually based on their 10 principles of business that cover forest management, indigenous peoples rights, fair pay and support of local communities. Consumers want to make informed decisions, and certifications like this help them achieve this.



What makes Teak an ideal cutting board material?

Teak is a naturally oily tropical hardwood that has been used in shipbuilding and outdoor furniture for years. Teak’s durability, resistance to moisture and natural beauty make it an ideal, easy-to-care-for wood for use in kitchen cutting boards. Teak’s high oil content and hardwood grain also help keep knives sharp.




What makes TeakHaus By Proteak cutting boards unique?

From planting the seed to shipping a beautiful cutting board to your front door, Teakhaus by Proteak is committed to sustainable business practices.

TeakHaus cutting boards are FSC-certified. Proteak owns and operates its own plantation forests throughout South America. Each plantation forest follows rigorous social and environmental standards set forth by FSC.

Proteak is equally and passionately committed to social responsibility by providing quality jobs to agricultural communities in traditionally low-income areas of Latin America.

How did Proteak start selling cutting boards?

Through the recognized process of thinning the forest, logs from Proteak plantation forests are sold to an outdoor furniture manufacturer, which is also FSC-certified. The offcuts from this process are used to make the TeakHaus by Proteak cutting boards.




What’s new from TeakHaus by Proteak?

TeakHaus by Proteak is showcasing seven collections. From butcher blocks to bar boards and spectacular serving pieces, TeakHaus by Proteak offers top-quality, beautiful teak boards for every need and every budget with retail pricepoints from $15 to $150. Learn more about TeakHaus by Proteak and collections of FSC-certified products at



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