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Wine Sage And Gourmet Begins Art Week Event

Tuesday July 18 will begin Art Week at Wine Sage and Gourmet, an independent gourmet housewares store, cooking school and wine store located in Hendersonville, NC, which will run through July 22.

The shop will host a number of art classes similar to a “Paint Night” event currently trending across the country, according to the shop’s Facebook page, and will include wine for registered attendees.

In March of this year the shop changed hands. Previous owners, Chrissy Filka and Laurie Bakke, sold the business to long-time Hendersonville residents, Merit Brand Wolff and Bill Berry, who renamed the store from Sage Gourmet to its current name. Since then, Wolff and Berry have introduced a number of new initiatives at the store, including Art Week.

In addition to special events, the shop offers an eclectic mix of high-end gourmet kitchenware, gift items, fun day-to-day utensils, local baking and cooking ingredients and trendy cookbooks.

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