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Whisk To Shutter Bedford Avenue Store

Whisk, which has three locations in the New York area, including one where A Cook’s Companion once stood, announced that it will be closing its Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn-based location.

“On April 30 we will close our Whisk here on Bedford Avenue. As the owner and creator of Whisk, it pains me to say goodbye. And so I wrote you this love letter to express my adoration for you and to tell you of my decision,” owner Natasha Amott wrote on the store’s Facebook page.

According to Amott, the reason behind the closing was a 44% hike in rent which was required to renew the lease at the store. This, she said, would lead to increasing prices and decreasing wages. “And that’s not the contribution I want to make,” she said.

Amott spoke to her customers candidly in the farewell letter posted on the store’s social media sites and thanked them for their support. The Bedford Avenue location was the first location for the store. It was opened in 2008.

“I love you for having passed through our doors so many times over all these years. You chose to shop locally; you chose to support Whisk. I am grateful for all my staff now and those of the past. We built Whisk together and I am a better person for all that I’ve learned. I am going to miss Whisk on Bedford so deeply,” she said.

Want to get a look at Whisk’s Flatiron store? Click here.

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