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What is it Wednesday: May 6 Reveal

What is it Wednesday May 6, 2015: The Kuhn Rikon Mixer Splatter Guard

Do you carry this Mixer Splatter Guard from Kuhn Rikon in your store? If so, we welcome you to use the ‘What Is It Wednesday (#WIW) graphic’ to share with your customers on social media. The goal is to build web traffic, and consequently foot traffic for your store.

What Is It Wednesday Image

What is it Wednesday Image

How to use:

  • Click the image to enlarge
  • Save the image to your device
  • From your store’s social media account, create a new post inviting your followers to ‘Guess what the mystery item is’ and attach the image!
  • Once the item is guessed (or you’ve sufficiently stumped your audience!), please feel free to share the below information to highlight the product, and let them know to stop by and see it in your store! (or direct them to your e-commerce page, if applicable)

From Kuhn Rikon: Use the Kuhn Rikon Red Mixer Splatter Guard to prevent messy splatters from your hand mixer, hand blender or counter top stand mixer. This transparent silicone disc is fitted with a flexible red silicone splash guard from the edge to the center, allowing mixer attachments and hand blender stems through. Mix or blend while the guard rests over mixing bowls or pots up to 12″ in diameter; transparent design means you can watch your work. The Mixer Splatter Guard is made from 100% food grade silicone and is dishwasher safe, but not for use in the microwave, oven or on the stove top. Measures 12″ l x 12″ w x .25″ h.

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