WellnessMats Unveils New Sales, Marketing Programs


WellnessMats recently implemented several new retailer-focused initiatives designed to increase sales and make the sale process easier and more profitable for the retail partners, the company said.

The company is debuting a new quick-ship program, which is set to debut in May. The program ensures that 62 of the best-selling SKU’s will be available with a one to two business day turnaround.

“Our entire [WellnessMat] line consists of more than 640 SKU’s today. We offer mat collections organized by color, design, size, and function to suit nearly everyone’s lifestyle and taste,” said Daniel Bouzide, CEO of WellnessMats. “We understand that retailers have limited shelf space, so we offer retailers a drop ship option on our complete collection.”

WellnessMats will also provide two sanctioned sales periods each year, allowing retailers to offer 20% off of any of the products in the lineup, as a sales incentive.

The company is providing additional in-store retailer support, including new POS displays and an updated portal that allows retailers to quickly and easily access new images, product information, ads and promotional materials, according to the company.

WellnessMats is now offering a 25% discount to retailers for their customers who are active military, veterans, teachers and first responders. In addition, WellnessMats also provides margin support to retailers with qualified identification.

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