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WATCH: Kitchen A La Mode Talks COVID With Local Media Outlet

Cat Fisher, who purchased South Orange, NJ-based Kitchen a la Mode in 2018 and owns a clothing store, Sadie’s, also in South Orange, recently spoke to media outlet TapInTV about her response to the Coronavirus pandemic and her plans for recovery.

Fisher explained that during the pandemic, business at both stores was extra busy as she was looking to help customers as quickly and efficiently as she could. This, she said, combined with the customer’s desire to shop and support local outlets during the pandemic helped her financially with both stores.

“If you fulfill that now, they’ll come back to you later,” she told the media outlet.

Now, she noted that as re-opening is moving forward in the area, the community support has continued. Fisher also explained that she put several safety protocols in place — including having only one customer shop at a time and stationing hand sanitizer strategically throughout the store.

Watch the video above or read the piece in its entirety here.

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