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WATCH: Christopher Kimball Talks Cooking Classes For Independents

At the GC Buying Group Start The Year event, Christopher Kimball announced that he would be putting together details on a new partnership between his Milk Street brand and the buying group’s network of independent retailers.

Recently, he spoke to GOURMET INSIDER® about his plans, noting that the partnership would be centered around supplying the group with Milk Street branded cooking class materials so that they would be able to teach Kimble’s techniques in their stores.

“If cooking is going to change and we have a cooking school in Milk Street in Boston… how can we get those classes to be given around the country? And we thought, well, Gourmet Catalog with all of the stores, it would be a great way to say, ‘If you want to take a Milk Street class, you can take it in your hometown,'” Kimball explained.

In addition to the new classes, Kimball has lent his name to a variety of licensed products that were on display at the International Home + Housewares Show last month. He launched a new cookware line with Regal Ware and a kitchen tool and gadget collection with Kuhn Rikon.

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