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Village Candle Launches Gentlemen’s Collection

Village Candle, which is owned by Stonewall Kitchen, is rolling out its new Gentlemen’s line of fragranced candles.

According to the company, the new goods will be featured in the company’s three-wick bowls and blend trending scents such as juniper, leather, incense and honey with grounding, familiar notes like patchouli, fresh ocean water, balsam and vanilla.

“Village Candle has been producing high-quality candles for [more than]25 years,” said Janine Somers, vp/marketing and direct to consumer sales of Stonewall Kitchen. “We’re known for using the most refined wax, the richest colors, and the finest fragranced oils available. Our new line celebrates clean elegance, modern sophistication and rich, memorable fragrances.”

The Gentlemen’s collection Includes:

  • Moonlit Surf: Fragrance notes of salty ocean spray, driftwood and sea moss.
  • Bergamot & Amber: Fragrance notes of soft cashmere, fresh bergamot and ripe citrus.
  • Leather & Musk Noir: Fragrance notes of white thyme, fresh bergamot, mineral water and Amalfi lemon.
  • Spiced Tobac & Honey: Fragrance notes of tobacco leaves, spiced peppercorn and sweet spun honey.
  • Hearthside Pine: Fragrance notes of fresh pine, eucalyptus and smokey cedar.
  • Dark Berries & Cedar: Fragrance notes of patchouli, cedar, rich plum and dark berries.
  • Clean Musk & Vetiver: Fragrance notes of fresh basil, spiced anise, creamy tonka, soft citrus and lavender.

Village Candle, which is based in Maine, was acquired by Stonewall Kitchen in February 2020.

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