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Via Deco Antibacterial Placemats To Debut In Chicago

Clasica Import & Export, LLC will introduce Via Deco antibacterial faux leather placemats, featuring copper nanoparticles to the U.S. market, at the upcoming Inspired Home Show 2020 in March.

According to the company, the placemats utilize copper nanoparticle, to create an effective and natural barrier that it is capable of eliminating 99 percent of viruses and bacteria. The placemats are made from a durable cardboard wrapped in an antibacterial faux leather that is soft, durable, and free of toxic substances.

“We are thrilled to bring our products to the U.S.,” says Pia Contreras-Sanchez, spokesperson for Clasica Import & Export, LLC “Our first step in the U.S. is to introduce placemats with copper nanoparticles that look like leather and showcase beautiful designs. We dedicate ourselves to bringing a home to life and improve the quality of that life through household products that improve the stay at home.”

The full Via Deco line is carefully produced in Chile. Clasica said it plans to expands it offerings to include coasters and other accessories later this year.

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