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Typhoon Introduces Viners Cutlery To The U.S.

Typhoon Homewares has introduced Viners, a British manufacturer of cutlery and flatware, to the U.S. market with the Titan Knife Block set and Eternal Knives.

According to the company the Titan Knife Block features a magnetic block and includes six knives with stainless steel blades that are taper ground. Typhoon stated that this design maintains sharper cutting edges and resists corrosion for longer period of time.

Included in the set are a chef’s, carving, bread, utility and paring knives. Typhoon also stated that the knives’ handles are designed to be¬†gripped comfortably and securely.

The knives included in the Titan Knife Block are available in three unique titanium coatings: gold, copper and black. The set has a suggested retail price of $100 and is available now.

Typhoon has also introduced the Viners Eternal Knives collection. The company stated that the knives’ blades are taper ground German stainless steel. The wood-effect handles are curved and said to provide comfort and style. The knives have a suggested retail price range of $15 – $25 and are scheduled to be available this fall.


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