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Twisted Wares Supports Local Retailers

Twisted Wares, known for its cheeky line of tea towels, is offering its online customers a way to support local businesses that may have been affected by the COVID-19 virus.

According to Melissa Livingston, founder of Twisted Wares and its sister brand June Clever, when a customer is making a purchase at, they can add the name and city of any local store they would like to receive the revenue for their purchase. The program is open to all small businesses, even if they don’t currently carry the product line in their store.

Livingston said she and fellow business owner Erica Easley of Gumball Poodle, a sock company, collaborated on the idea. Consumers shopping at that company’s website will also be able to select a favorite local store to share the purchase with.

“Erica and I strategize every morning on how we can help. Both of our businesses are heavily reliant on independent retailers and most are owned by other women. Yes, we want to stay afloat, of course, but we just want to help the other small businesses that helped us build our businesses,” said Livingston.

Livingston also noted that she has made content that Twisted Wares retailers can share on their social media channels, as a way to help support their business efforts at this time. Livingston and Easley have also recently offered customers PR and marketing tips via webinars.

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