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TVS Unveils Titan Duo Induction Cookware


In honor of its 50th anniversary, TVS is bringing its new Titan Duo Induction cookware to the market. According to the company, the collection is dedicated to induction ranges but will offer the same performance on all heat sources. 

Titan Duo Induction cookware, according to the company, ensures faster heating on induction and maximum flatness for the pan bottom, thanks to a TVS patent that includes the application of two steel discs – one inside and the other outside the aluminum body, keeping the bottom ultra-flat, even while heating, to ensure maximum stability and optimum heat transmission.

Cookware that is perfect for lengthy cooking processes and fitted with handles that have double attachment points, designed by Takahide Sano, which, while enhancing the full range, also provide even more stability and durable use, said TVS.

The line is currently available and includes two frying pans, two two-handle pans and a wok.

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