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True Brands Launches Alchemix On Kickstarter

True Brands has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new Alchemix mixology tool.

According to the company, the Alchemix can both instantly infuse and carbonate liquor. The food safe nitrous oxide gas is said to rapidly infuse ingredients that are difficult to juice or muddle into alcohol. It also used food safe carbon dioxide to carbonate pre-mixed cocktails, explained True Brands.

The Alchemix has a glass-like BPA free Tritan plastic vessel that enables consumers to watch the infusion and carbonation process.

Each kit comes with one Alchemix, four nitrous oxide cartridges, four carbon dioxide cartridges, a user guide and recipe book. The kit is available for $69, an approximate 30 percent discount of the planned retail price. There are additional kits available with add-on options as well.

The Alchemix Kickstarter campaign will last until June 14.

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