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Trudeau Refreshes Fuel Food Storage Line

Trudeau is freshening up its Fuel line of on-the-go food storage goods. The company said it will introduce blueberry and watermelon colors to existing products, and will add a new snack cup for 2019.

The new Trudeau snack cup is designed to hold treats such as trail mix, nuts, candies, and crackers while on the go. It has one large opening and one small opening and fits into a car cup holder, backpack pocket, stroller cup and other places.

It also has a leakproof lid and a carabiner to attach to a bag. The snack cup has an ergonomic shape to facilitate handling. It is translucent so consumers can see the quantity that is left inside the container. It has a 16 ounce capacity.

The new snack cup will be available in blueberry, watermelon and tropical colors.

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