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Tomodachi Launches Harvest Cutlery

Hampton Forge recently launched the Tomodachi Harvest cutlery collection. The cutlery handles are made of Rice Husk, which the company said is an eco-friendly material that uses minimum non-recyclable materials.

Hampton Forge launched the cutlery set, which includes a 13-piece knife set with block, as well as a few open stock cutlery items. The company said it is also launching a variety of different colored handles and set compositions, and will also be expanding to flatware, kitchen tools and cutting boards, all leveraging the use of Rice Husk.

By using the material Rice Husk, said the brand, the process gives it a new purpose. 125 million tons of rice husks are produced each year, so instead of disposing of rice husks as agricultural waste in a landfill or burning it which releases harmful substances into the air, these rice husks are revived into an entirely new product.

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