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These Are 2020’s Top Registry Trends, Experts Said

Whether for a wedding, new baby, graduation or even a holiday, consumers turn to registries to ensure they are prepared for their next life adventure. However, the demand for what’s on these registries is growing and shifting, as consumer purchasing patterns change and major milestones take on a timeline of their own.

So what are some of the top registry trends that gourmet housewares retailers should know going into the next year? We scoped them out in this story, exclusive to

Nix The Wrapping
As eco-conscious consumers are looking for simple ways to decrease their carbon footprint, Alicia Cahill, owner of Galveston, TX-based The Kitchen Chick, said she has been seeing increasing requests for eliminating wrapping. “We do offer gift wrapping, but a lot of people registering are asking for gifts not to be wrapped. They don’t want all of the waste and between the boxes and all of the packaging, there is already a lot,” she said.

Color Will Be King
According to Country Living, all-white kitchens will continue to be the design trend moving into the new year. That being said, consumers will be looking for pops of color when it comes to cookware, tools, gadgets and other accessories that will show off their personalities. Both monochromatic and mix-and-match options will be in-demand.

Curating Their Own Collections has reported that consumers will be looking to mix and match legacy brands with some newer ones on the market in some segments. In others, it will be all about the classics. Either way, noted that consumers will be focusing on what’s used most and what is most needed.

Go Unique
Carol Schroeder, co-owner of Orange Tree Imports in Madison, WI, said that pointing customers in the more unique selection has suggesting the addition of unique and one-of-a-kind products on a registry will pique the interest of registrants this year. “We do this with Polish Pottery. None of those pieces are the same and they are all handmade. Whether it’s for a wedding or a new home, the customer can take the product out and remember who gave it to them and reminisce about the experience,” she said.

Experiences As Gifts
As consumers are becoming less about purchasing goods and more about having experiences, both Schroeder said there is a place for gourmet housewares stores to tap into that. She said that she is encouraging registrants to put cooking class experiences on their list in lieu of gifts. “There is a major shift in people looking for cash or experiences, so we have been encouraging people to register for cooking classes or to request the purchase of a cooking class. It’s something they can do together,” she said.

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