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Thermolon Introduces ‘Marathon’ Ceramic Non-Stick Coating


Thermolon Ltd., the South Korean-based developer of Thermolon ceramic coatings, has announced a new ceramic coating that has been introduced at Ambiente and will be featured at the International Home + Housewares Show as well. The new coating, Marathon, is launching on GreenPan non-stick cookware.

Marathon and Marathon Professional are Thermolon’s third-generation coatings based on Sol-Gel technology. According to the company, Marathon has extreme durability based on different toughness criteria. For example, Marathon offers high thermal shock resistance and improved stability against hydrolytic attack in addition to hardness.

Thermolon’s technical advances come from knowledge gained by applying coatings in many different industries. This has enabled Thermolon to improve performance in, for example, cookware by harnessing experiences gained in off-shore industries.

According to the company, practical applications in industrial environments have helped Thermolon to advance its ceramic non-stick coatings, and these advances are combined with its commitment to health, safety and the environment. The company’s coatings contain no toxic or persistent pollutants and will not release any toxic fumes even when heated up to temperatures as high as 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

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