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The Washington Post Profiles Leah Daniels Of Hill’s Kitchen

Recently, The Washington Post spoke to Leah Daniels, owner of Hill’s Kitchen, about what her perfect day in Washington, D.C. would be like. The media outlet also inquired about trends she is currently seeing in the housewares industry and what it was like trying to run her business during the pandemic.

“At first, I hand-delivered purchases. I was literally walking a salad spinner to RFK, a bread proofing basket to Navy Yard,” Daniels told the media outlet. “Then Mr. Henry’s, which was open for takeout, offered to be the customer pickup spot for Hill’s Kitchen and a couple of other neighborhood retailers.”

Some of her favorite places in the city include Peregrine Espresso, Eastern Market, Beuchert’s Saloon, Capitol Hill Books, Albert Einstein Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

To read the story in its entirety, which also includes what new recipes Daniels is trying out herself at home, click here.

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