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The Rolling Pin Opens In Washington

The Rolling Pin, a new independent gourmet housewares store located in Olympia, WA, has officially opened its doors. The store is owned and operated by Alicia Elliott, who has lived in the area since 1991.

“I began the building three years ago and as early as two years ago planned the cafe and the kitchen shop. I love the beautiful greenery of the area, the way the neighborhoods are set up and the potential for new projects to flourish,” Elliot recently told local media outlet Thurston Talk.

Full of housewares like cookware, gadgets, cookbooks and appliances, the focus, said Elliott, is on sustainable and local goods. She also offers additional shopping services. And while her store is on the second level, she has made it convenient for those who cannot – or do not want to – walk up the stairs. She has made her product selection available online and have iPads downstairs for shoppers. A sales associate will be assigned to pull, show and even demonstrate product to a customer down below.

“We pride ourselves on giving our customers a personable and human shopping experience,” she said.

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