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The Oneida Group Teams With ‘Wine Bible’ Author On Stemware

When it comes to new stemware, The Oneida Group has put the focus on taste, literally. The company recently debuted the Flavor First collection of wine glasses. The glasses were developed in collaboration with wine expert and “Wine Bible” author Karen MacNeil.

According to the company, the stem assortment of crystalline stemware prioritizes flavor over wine varietal, in order to develop a glass that provides consumers with the optimum wine drinking experience.

“Today’s existing stemware philosophies include a glass for each varietal, which is very complex, or an all-purpose glass, which is too simple,” said Paul Gebhardt, svp/design and creative director at The Oneida Group. “Neither option optimizes the flavors within a wine varietal that a person enjoys the most.”

The Flavor First Collection offers three shapes, with each shape named for the flavor profile it is designed to enhance: Bold & Powerful, Crisp & Fresh and Creamy & Silky. The company said the newly designed shapes, which also includes a footed stemless glass for a new take on the traditional stemless, departs from the traditional linkage of grape and glass and instead links glass and flavor profile.

“We’ve methodically and aesthetically designed a better and simpler way to drink wine,” Karen MacNeil explained. “We designed our glasses around the one thing that matters most, flavor. The result: beautiful wine glasses that perfectly enhance taste and are wonderfully comfortable to hold.”

“Karen and the team have worked for over a year to perfect these designs based on an incredible amount of testing. And, this is just one of our exciting introductions for the year— we also have several new flatware patterns that further diversify our portfolio, exploring new design trends and influences,” said Claudia Bianco, vp/Oneida at The Oneida Group.

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