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The Kitchen Chick’s Alicia Cahill Puts Emphasis On Shopping Small


Alicia Cahill, owner of Galveston, TX-based The Kitchen Chick, started her business in a small, 800 square-foot shop. However, from the start, she knew that putting an emphasis on shopping small when it came to her customers would be something that would help her succeed in business. Turns out, she was right, moving her store from 800 square-feet to 10,000 square-feet in a little more than five years.

“I’m really big on the shop small movement,” she explained. “Part of the welcome in every cooking class is thanking [the participants]for choosing to support small business. I want them to feel appreciated that they chose to shop small and I let them know that it matters to someone like me.”

Cahill said that by allowing her patrons to know how important it is to her, she cultivates a beneficial relationship with them, hoping that they will check her store before heading online or driving a half hour or so to get the latest kitchen supply.

“If you keep pushing it to them and you keep telling them how much you care that they shop in your store, they’ll think about you and they will come back,” she noted.

Additionally, in order to keep people shopping small, Cahill stays up to date on what the bigger chains are advertising so that she can coordinate her sales as well.

“I let people know that I also have whatever the bigger stores have so instead of shopping there, they know that they can get it at my store, too,” she said.

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