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The Imbiber’s Guide To Beer Glassware


The pilsner glass is designed for lighter-style beers. It has little-to-no curvature in the glass to showcase the color of the brew.

Best Brews: Pilsners, Lagers, Fruit Beers

English Pint

Also called a Nonic pint, this type of glass has a lip at the top and can be used with most types of beers.

Best Brews: Ales (English, Blonde, etc.); Stouts, Porters, IPA, Oktoberfest Beers

Belgian Tulip

These glasses, as well as all of the tulip variety, are designed to allow malty, hoppy beers to shine. Flavors and aromas are enhanced by the encouraged head.

Best Brews: Belgian Ale, Belgian IPA, Imperial Stout

American Pint

Mostly used for American beers, the American pint, also called the Shaker pint, can be used for most beers and ciders.

Best Brews: Ciders, American Ales, Block, Rye Beer, IPA, Dry Stout, Oatmeal Stout


Short and with a wider bulb than other beer glasses, the stout glass helps to aerate the beer and balance out the flavor profiles.


Best Brews: Stouts, Porters, Dark Beers

Wheat Beer Glass

Similar to a Pilsner glass, the Hefeweizen is curved upward to encourage a thick, foamy head. This allows for the full flavors and aromas to come to the forefront.

Best Brews: Hefeweizen; other Wheat Beers

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