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The Happy Cook To Livestream Cooking Classes

Charlottesville, VA-based The Happy Cook has announced it will begin live-streaming cooking classes as a way to combat social distancing and Coronavirus concerns.

According to Steve Belcher, who co-owns the store with wife Monique Moshier, classes will begin on March 25. The first class will focus on empanadas, allowing participants to adapt the filling to whatever food the consumers may have in their homes. According to The Happy Cook, there will be a $20 charge to join the class live and then participants will have the video to use for the future and recreate the recipes. After the class, customers can purchase the video for $15. The class length is approximately 60 minutes.

The class will be taught by Chef Soledad Liendo, a graduate of the International Institute of Culinary Arts in Buenos Aires, and will be using Zoom Virtual Meeting to host the class. This application, said Belcher, will allow participants to watch the class on the computer and interact with Soledad and other participants as well.

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