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The Happy Cook Celebrates 41st Anniversary

The Happy Cook, an independent gourmet housewares store based in Charlottesville, VA, is marking its 41st year in business. The store, which is owned by husband and wife duo Monique Moshier and Steve Belcher, is hosting a week-long sale to celebrate the business milestone.

“We want to thank our customers for their support of The Happy Cook for the last 41 years,” was written in the store’s e-newsletter, noting that the celebratory event will feature exclusive sales, free demos, gourmet samples, and prize/product giveaways.

Belcher and Moshier have another reason to celebrate this year as well – they just opened the store’s new culinary arts center in September.

The Happy Cook has been a family-run business since 1978. It was originally run and managed by the Van Clief family, and has been run by Belcher and Moshier since 2005. Besides an array of housewares, including cookware, cutlery, tools, gadgets and textiles, the store also offers its patrons registry and wish list services, as well as a variety of cooking classes.

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