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The Cupboard Featured In Local News

Fort Collins, CO-based The Cupboard was recently featured in local news outlet, The Rocky Mountain Collegian. In the article, the store’s demonstration coordinator, Jennifer Davey, discussed how product demonstrations, a mainstay at the independent gourmet housewares store since 1972, have enabled the store to become an experience destination for customers and not just a place to shop.

“I think it just allows people to see the products in action, and also to participate,” Davey told the news outlet. “So you’re not just walking through the store, you can engage with somebody who’s sampling their local product or a representative who’s showing how cookware works. So you get a more involved experience. We try to create as magical of an experience as possible.”

Davey noted that the store also tries to bring in local vendors as much as possible, and how it helps customers get behind a product or brand when they are able to put a face to it.

The Cupboard recently celebrated its 45th anniversary. The store was started by Cary Hewitt and is now owned by his son, Jim Hewitt.

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