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The Butler’s Pantry Grows With Mobile Bridal Registry

Jamie Butler-Brown, owner of The Butler’s Pantry in Escalon, CA, has crafted a unique approach to bridal registry utilizing her trademark retail truck.

Butler-Brown initially launched the gourmet kitchenware store as a mobile location inside a converted linen truck, and while she now owns a brick-and-mortar location she said the mobile store is still a valuable asset and integral part of some of her more innovative retail strategies.

When it comes to her approach to bridal registry, Butler-Brown explained, “When my brides register with me, I bring my truck to their showers and the guests shop right off of it.”

She continued that she has done showers in a number of different locations, including wineries and the bride’s backyard, and displays the items on furniture to allow guests to view the entire registry all in one place. Once guests have picked out their gift, Butler-Brown wraps each item and has it ready and waiting for the bride to open.

She noted that while the strategy might seem unorthodox and potentially awkward, it’s all about creating an experience and sense of community, and one that her brides “are eating up.”

“It makes the brides feel more like family because their guests aren’t just going to a huge store and buying something. I spend two to two and half hours with the brides trying out the gadgets before they register them, and they’re loving it,” she said.

When it comes to the guests, she said, “I’m really finding that people like that connection. And, people don’t have time. They already don’t have time to take a Saturday off to go to a shower so the fact that they can just show up, purchase the item there and have it wrapped, they’re loving it.”

In addition to growing her bridal registry, she said the strategy has also boosted her brick-and-mortar business.

“It brings more people into the store because they see all the gadgets together and start asking about them. I tell them why the bride registered for this item or that item and how it works, and now maybe they’re interested in one for themselves. I have moms creating their own wishlists from what their daughters have done,” she said.

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