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The Butler’s Pantry Announces Expansion

Escalon, CA-based The Butler’s Pantry has announced that it will be expanding its business footprint to include a new café. The eatery is set to open a few doors down from the retail store.

Of the expansion, the retailer posted the following on its social media pages: “During the last few months more than ever we have learned what community means. We have learned that we are not here just to sell you a gift or a candle for your house. We are here to create a space where you feel welcomed and loved. We are here to serve you as well as spark excitement whether it’s for cooking or designing a new space in your home. We have also learned how much joy our customers bring to us,” was posted on the store’s social media pages.

The store, which is owned by Jamie Butler, started in a mobile truck and then expanded into a retail shop. Butler was named a 2019 GOURMET INSIDER® All-Star retailer and a gia award winner. Take a tour of the retail shop here.

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