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The 2018 Food Trends That Will Have Customers Buzzing

There’s no question that what’s hot in the culinary world has a direct impact on the goods and services that the independent gourmet market offers to its customers. Gourmet housewares retailers are the resource for finding the tools consumers need to attempt a new recipe or to re-create a meal in their own home they had at a restaurant. Retailers are also the source consumers turn to for advice on how to tackle a given recipe.

The team at GOURMET INSIDER® has compiled six food and beverage trends that we predict your customers will be talking about throughout 2018.

Savory Meets Sweet

Savory flavors are coming into their own by showing up in food that was previously reserved for sweet. For example, savory ice cream that features flavors like blood pudding and blue cheese with pear are becoming mainstream. Yogurt has also become a platform for savory tastes such as mixing chipotle with pineapple and siracha with mango.

The New Classic Cocktails

Cocktails will be elevated in 2018. The classics from yesteryear will be reinvented with a twist all their own. From smoked Manhattans to bitters bringing a new flavor profile to an Old Fashioned, these adult beverages will be all about the craft.

Sunday Suppers

Whether it’s a meal of Sunday sauce and meatballs, a traditional Chinese meal or a potluck dinner with several friends, more people will be gathering around the table in 2018. 

Global Spices 

And Salts

Diners are becoming more in tune to what spices and salts are in their dishes at restaurants and are looking to replicate these flavor profiles at home. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices are growing in usage and will continue to do so through 2018. Salts, including flavored and smoked salts, will also be on trend.

Fermented/Pickled Foods

Fermented foods and beverages that support good gut health, such as sauerkraut and Kombucha, are thriving in the current healthy eating climate currently. Pickling will also continue to make gains in the market as the home chef has become less afraid of the process and tools have made it easier to achieve optimal results.

Street Smarts

Street food has come a long way from the hot dog truck on the corner. Food trucks are elevating their specialties — from tacos to crepes — with unique flavor combinations and fusion flavors that previously didn’t exist. But they are still keeping the experience authentic and prices low.

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