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While the category doesn’t generate a large portion of revenue on its own, kitchen textiles continues to help boost overall sales according to retailers. Be it tea towels with sweet or sassy sayings, colorful tablecloths, patterned aprons or a festive placemat, the category continues to provide store owners with add-on sales opportunities.

   Gift giving is one of those opportunities, as the softer side of housewares comes into play as many retailers report using them as filler for gift baskets, or as a complement to a hard good purchase. This, for example, could include a colorful tea towel paired with baking supplies.

As more retailers have reported adding customized gift baskets into their business, especially for corporate gifts and raffles, bridal showers and other events, the revenue that textiles has brought to the independentgourmet housewares segment has increased. Additionally, creating gift baskets that are visually appealing, and include bright colors or fun sayings that textiles are designed to have, also lends itself to social media sharing, which becomes a marketing vehicle for the retailer as well.

Retailers also reported that textiles don’t take up a large amount of space on their shop floors, however, are often used to create a visually attractive display on their own, as well as when they are weaved into other displays. This helps when it comes to creating a seasonal tabletop setting or product display.

Customized/local textiles also provide sales opportunities with tourists who often seek a memento from a locale they are visiting. Textiles that are handmade locally or are stamped with the location of the store have been increasing in sales during the last few years, retailers explained.

According to the survey, about 33% of respondents plan to increase their textile inventory in the coming year, while more than half plan to keep it the same. This could be due to the slight increases in textiles sales this year that many retailers reported. As more retailers leverage the added benefits of having textiles in their stores, such as the emotional connection it brings for many consumers seeking something personal for the home, textiles is poised for continued growth.

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