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Taylor Kitchen Readies New Thermometers, Scales


Lifetime Brands recently debuted new additions to the Taylor Kitchen assortment. The introductions include new thermometers, scales and other accessories to enable consumers to better prep and manage their cooking in the home.

One of the company’s newest innovations is the Kinetic Powered Thermometer that is powered without batteries. Instead, the company said it is powered by motion. A consumer can shake the thermometer to create a charge and power on the display. Its response time to stable is less than six seconds and the thermometer has a wide temperature range to 572 degrees F. It has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

The new Taylor Ultra-Fast Waterproof Thermocouple Thermometer has a suggested retail price of $79.99 and is said to measure a stable temperature in less than 6 seconds. The thermometer stem has a 1.5mm step-down tip and rotates over 180 degrees for proper temperature measurement.

It also features a rotating LCD that moves and will automatically flip when the thermometer is rotated upside-down. The thermometer is also waterproof and NSF listed. Additional functions include user recalibration, hold to lock in a temperature and MIN/MAX recall to track progress.

One of the company’s new scales is the 22lb High Capacity Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale, with a suggested retail price of $39.99. The scale has all of the features of a premium food service scale but is available for consumer retail. It has a 22lb/10kg capacity with ultra-fine increments of 0.01oz/0.1g, so it can be used to go from portioning bulk foods to measuring spices for cookies. It also converts to fluid measurements in fluid ounces and milliliters.

The company is also relaunching a complete promotional program of roasting tools and gadgets including thermometers, timers, turkey essentials and our newest innovation in flavor infusion. The new Stainless Steel Infuser Pod is 2.5-inches in diameter. It is designed to hold and infuse fresh herbs in a homemade stock or to flavor a turkey from the inside out.

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