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Swiss Diamond Awarded AVA Certification

Swiss Diamond has received certification from the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) and will now label its products with the AVA ‘Recommended’ logo. The AVA ‘Recommended’ logo symbolizes “the recognized standard of vegetarian assurance,” the company said.

According to the AVA, Swiss Diamond’s cookware is suited for the preparation of vegetarian and vegan dishes as a result of its high-quality non-stick coating.

“We are excited that the AVA chose our cookware for their evaluation and even more delighted with the results,” Swiss Diamond CEO Amir Alon said. “Swiss Diamond is helping retailers by providing specialty endorsements that consumers are looking for when making their decisions for a healthier lifestyle. It is an honor to be able to show AVA ‘Recommended’ on our packaging.”

The AVA tested the performance and qualities of Swiss Diamond cookware through the preparation of a number of vegetarian and vegan dishes using a Swiss Diamond Wok and a Swiss Diamond fry pan.

“Our test team was greatly impressed by Swiss Diamond cookware,” said AVA executive director Len Torine. “The Swiss Diamond fry pan performed beyond our team’s expectations,” Torine added. “There was virtually no sticking of any food particles during our tests and we were impressed that not even melted cheese would stick to the pan.”

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