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Sweet Gourmet’s ‘Shop Within A Shop’ Grows Business

Making an independent housewares store seem elevated and special is on the to-do list of many a retailer. Whether it’s making custom displays, creating visual interest or simply growing product selection beyond the immediate realm of hard lines, gourmet store owners each focus on ways to make their store seem more special than the next.

However, Pam Gabriel, owner of Tyler, TX-based Sweet Gourmet, took her desire to the next level. Gabriel worked with Le Creuset to debut a shop within a shop concept with the French cookware manufacturer and told GOURMET INSIDERĀ® that the results have been better than she anticipated.

“At first, I wasn’t sure because Le Creuset is an investment piece. How many of those big Dutch ovens could I really sell?,” she said.

But, after the transformation, it has proven itself profitable.

Gabriel said that in order to qualify for the shop within a shop concept, there were certain requirements that had to be filled. One was that there needed to be a separate entrance for the Le Creuset boutique and another was that the store have a space designated only for the concept. Additionally, retailers need to be able to hold almost every time in every color.

“Le Creuset sent their design team in. They told us what we had to do to make it work, including paint the area the signature Le Creuset orange, and then they came back and staged everything. We held a grand opening celebration for it and within days, we knew it was a success,” she said.


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