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LOOK: A Store Tour Of Delaney & Loew

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At Lawrence, KS-based Delaney & Loew, product selection and customer service at the store come together to form a unique shopping experience for customers. For example, the duo sets up product displays featuring a French press, mugs and locally sourced craft coffee beans, while brewing that coffee and offering customers a cup while they peruse the store.

Owned by Katie and Brad Moore, the store aims at providing a diverse product assortment, aligned with a good/better/best strategy, in order to suit each group’s individual needs.

“We like to have a big selection. I’ve always wanted it to be a place where you couldn’t see it all the first time. You come in and every time you come in you see something new,” said Katie Moore.

Click through these photos to take a store tour of Delaney & Loew and see it through the eyes of their customers.

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