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LOOK: A Store Tour Of The Butler’s Pantry

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Jamie Butler, owner of The Butler’s Pantry in Escalon, CA, is specific and purposeful about the items she chooses for her store. Why? Because her background in design, her experience in buying and her passion for entertaining all converge in her retail outlet.

However, while this may be a challenge for some retailers, this is one of the tactics that has led to Butler’s success in the independent gourmet housewares industry. After five years in a brick-and-mortar location (the business started in a truck), she is in the process of planning a cutlery boutique in her store and is in talks to bring in several brands. Her husband, Rylan, will learn how to man the sharpening machine for a full-service cutlery experience. Butler is also adding new housewares lines as her clientele is becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, something that has been a personal mission for her since her journey began.

Take a look at what we saw when we walked into The Butler’s Pantry for Butler’s All-Star shoot and interview.

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