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Stonewall Kitchen Debuts New Baking Mixes

Stonewall Kitchen is bringing new baking mixes to the market. The company is adding a sea salt caramel brownie mix as well as a maple vanilla doughnut mix to its collection.

The sea salt brownie mix is designed to make gooey chocolate brownies, the company said, with the combination of chocolate chips and caramel. A caramel drizzle, the ingredients of which are included in the mix, and a light sprinkling of sea salt balances the sweetness for a finishing touch.

Stonewall Kitchen’s maple vanilla doughnut mix is a vanilla flavored doughnut that is topped with a maple glaze. The company also suggests adding crumbled bacon to the doughnuts for added flavor.

In addition to these mixes, the company is also rolling out new holiday baking mixes as well. These include a chocolate peppermint brownie mix, chocolate peppermint fudge mix, chocolate peppermint cupcake mix and a holiday bundt cake mix.

The company recently rolled out its summer product line and showcased it at the Atlanta International Gift + Home Furnishings Market.

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