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Spice, Bacon Flavors Stay Hot

As consumers get more creative with their foods and flavorings, it gives gourmet housewares retailers a way to create return sales on items like shelf-stable foods.

To keep retailers in the loop on what products experts are predicting will generate sales growth, GOURMET INSIDER® recently spoke to Natalie King, evp/Stonewall Kitchen about what’s hot (literally) in the market right now and what products the company will be launching in early 2019.

GI: What do you see being some of the dominant flavor trends in 2019 and why?

NK: We continue to see hot and spicy flavors driven by various pepper flavors going strong. Our guests can’t get enough of hot peppers — Sriracha, Ghost Pepper — you name it, they love the heat. 

Secondarily, I’m not sure the bacon craze has slowed down one bit. Our Ghost Pepper Queso and our Bourbon Bacon Jam were the two best items from our January 2018 launch and Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly is trending number one from our July 2018 launch.

GI: What category of shelf-stable foods do you see growing the most and why?

NK: Our aioli line is, hands down, the fastest growing category in our Stonewall Kitchen brand line. From Roasted Garlic Aioli and Habanero Mango Aioli to our Buffalo Aioli or Lemon Herb Aioli, we have sweet and savory options that cater to everyone.

We are also seeing tremendous growth in completely new categories for us due to our acquisition strategy.  Our Tillen Farms brand of gourmet cocktail garnishes demonstrated impressive growth in the less than 12 months since joining our family of brands.

GI: What was a flavor combination that was a little unique, but seemed to really take off?

NK: We were highly successful with our lemon twist and blue cheese stuffed olives under our Tillen Farms brand and our Strawberry Lemonade Jelly was also a big home run.

GI: Can you give us a sneak peek at some of the January 2019 launches?

NK: In our partnership with Legal Sea Foods, we will be releasing Lemon Dill Seafood Marinade & Dressing; Spicy Cocktail Sauce; Chipotle Tartar Sauce; Lemon Dill Aioli; and some other products. Our Stonewall Kitchen launch will include sea salt roasted peanuts; Bada Bing Cherry Jam; Maine Craft Ale Grille Sauce; a guacamole starter; pizza cracker; and Blueberry Honey Dutch waffle; to name a few. And under the Tillen Farms brand, look out for Dirty Martini brine with Vermouth; Bourbon Bada Bing Cherries; and jalapeño onions with Vermouth.

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