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SoYoung Debuts Petite Lunch Poche At NY NOW

SoYoung, a Canadian lunch tote designer, recently debuted the Petite Lunch Poche at the NY NOW summer market.

The Petite Poche (Poche is the French word for pocket) is a more compact version of the original Lunch Poche, launched last year. The Lunch Poches, said the company, are designed to uplift the lunch experience, pairing modern design with environmentally-minded materials.

The Poches are made of washable paper or machine washable linen and available in a range of modern prints. The materials are washable and include removable inserts for cleaning. There are insulated interior for packed lunches to stay hot or cold.

“Our newest product, the Petite Poche, is here to transform the way you eat lunch and your relationship with packed lunches,” said Catherine Choi, CEO and founder of SoYoung. “The simple act of packing a lunch gives you a sense of self-empowerment, which can spark a change in so many other areas of your life and lead to healthy eating transformation.”

The Petite Poche will carry a retail price of $33 and will be available in mid-September.

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