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Social Media Shares Add Personal Touch To Bridal Registries

Couples getting ready to wed have the choice to register for their big day in a variety of places – including department stores, big box retailers and online.

However, the personalized attention that the independent market brings to the process proves to be a valuable resource for the soon-to-be married couple.

Gourmet insiders have noticed, as well, that calling attention to newly-registered couples on social media has not only given them a boost in online engagement and expanded their potential customer base, but the attention has become more of a tool for them to provide a personal experience for each bride.

“One of the things that I see us doing more of is more personal attention on Facebook to our brides,” said Tricia O’Connor of The Kitchen Store & More in Conway, AR. “By personal I mean naming them, picturing them. I think that’s a personal touch. The brides want to see themselves out there too, so if we show them, it could really be beneficial.”

Julie Butler, owner of Hereford, TX-based Texas Threads, said that she has been doing this for awhile and the social media shares have been worth it. “I use a personal photo and the shares were unbelievable,” she said. “We usually put up a few of the selections with their name on the bottom and we use an app to do that, but putting up their personal picture really gathered a lot of attention,” she explained.

However, there may be a case when some brides or couples don’t want their name out there, and to combat that, O’Connor said she has put together a waiver in the package of registry information that she gives to couples. But, she said, “from feedback we are getting, most [brides]are okay with this.”

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