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Snowfox Rolls Out Elegance Barware Collection

Snowfox recently introduced its Elegance barware collection which features pieces made of insulated stainless steel in a white and gold finish.

According to the company, the barware collection includes various types of wine tumblers, champagne flutes, highball glasses, rocks glasses, martini glasses as well as a cocktail shaker and wine carafe.

The pieces are lightweight, easy to hold and thin rimmed, explained Snowfox. The drink-specific glasses are shatterproof and are designed to keep drinks at the right temperature indoors or outside without the need for a lid.

The cocktail shaker is double-wall insulated so as to not freeze the users hands while shaking, and also eliminates condensation. The company said the ice melt is greatly reduced versus a traditional shaker as well, so that cocktails and martinis will have minimal dilution and preserve both the pouring temperature as well as the taste.

The wine carafe is also double-walled insulated and holds a full bottle of wine and the cork like lid keeps wine from spilling. In addition to keeping wine at the right temperature while on the table, or outside, it also is designed for serving iced beverages like iced tea and water. The neck of the carafe is large enough to fit ice cubes and the wide top makes it easy to pour into and out of.

Each Snowfox product in the collection are sold separately in a packaged set of 2 for a suggested retail price of $35.00. The wine carafe and cocktail shaker have a suggested retail of $40.00 each.

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