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Smarter Debuts Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Smarter, a British start-up, debuted three new connected kitchen gadgets at the recent CES show, held in Las Vegas. All of the products are expected to be available in the U.S. this summer.

According to the company, the Smarter Mat is a Wi-Fi enabled mat that is stored in a refrigerator or cupboard. Once an item such as a box of oatmeal or other ingredients, is placed on the mat, it will communicate with the accompanying app to record the item’s weight to alert the consumer how much is left, which the company said will come in handy while grocery shopping. It will be available in three sizes with a starting SRP of $80.

Smarter also debuted the Smarter Fridge Cam, which is a Wi-Fi connected camera placed inside of a consumer’s refrigerator that will capture photos of the appliance’s contents to help a consumer keep track while grocery shopping. It is expected to have an SRP of $100.

Smarter also showcased its Detect, a microphone-equipped device that a consumer can program to recognize sounds in the kitchen, such as when the oven is pre-heated or when a timer has gone off. The connected device works with a smart phone app to alert consumers. It also has an expected SRP of $100.

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