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Shackford’s Kitchen Store Adds Commercial Kitchen

Napa, CA-based Shackford’s Kitchen Store is continuing to invest in its business as new owner, Patrick Merkley, has taken the helm. The independent retail outlet recently added a new commercial kitchen, which is designed to host demonstrations and cooking classes.

“I know [the kitchen]will support itself. I’ve lived through multiple recessions and bad economies. I’ve been through multiple downtowns. I know how to manage,” he told the Napa Valley Register, a local news outlet.

Merkley purchased the store and the building in 2018 from previous owner John Shackford, who retired at 89 years old. He planned to put the kitchen in, as well as a community table, after discussions with the previous owner. In addition, Merkley has also started computerizing Shackford’s inventory, something that had not been done in the store before.


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