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Sea Stones Debuts New Granite Accessories

Sea Stones will debut several new granite kitchenware accessories at the upcoming summer sessions of the Atlanta Gift + Home Furnishings Market and Las Vegas Market.

The new Bottoms Up Wine Bottle Holder, said the company, is handcrafted from recycled granite, hand-formed helical aluminum rods and select New England beach stones. Each bottle older secures three bottles of wine. The whimsical twists, said the company, hold each bottle inverted to keep corks moist and expanded, protecting and preserving the wine.

The recycled granite base is handmade with two processes that first give each base an organic, chiseled edge, then smooth and finish the rough granite. The rods are topped with a hand-collected New England beach stone. It features soft feet and has a suggested retail price of $49.

The Rock Dock is designed to dock and connect smart phones to a cable for charging. The Rock Dock keeps the phone upright and accessible, so that a consumer can text, email and make calls as the phone recharges. Each Rock Dock has its own natural colors and stone shape. Durable clips on the bottom invisibly and neatly hold extra charging cable, and soft feet protect surfaces. Handmade from reclaimed granite, a hand-collected smooth beach stone, and a brushed aluminum rod, each Rock Dock has a suggested retail price of $44.

The Embrace Dish Brush and Sponge Holder is made of a reclaimed granite base that features a hand carved divot that allows the dish brush to stand upright. Two hand curved aluminum rods work together to securely hold a sponge allowing plenty of air to dry, while the stout granite base naturally prevents tipping. The durable, tall aluminum rod is hand formed to capture the brush and is finished with a cute beach stone gathered from New England beaches. Storing the brush upright eliminates the mess of drips from soap-dispensing wands. The holder has a suggested retail price of $36.

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