SaltWorks To Debut New Packaging For Gourmet Brand


SaltWorks will debut three new retail-ready packaging styles for its reimagined gourmet and specialty sea salt brand, Artisan Salt Company. The company will showcase the new packaging at the Winter Fancy Food Show, which takes place in San Francisco, CA from January 22 to January 24.

The Artisan line debuted in 2005 and was comprised of traditional sea salts from around the globe, artisanal finishing salts and all-natural handcrafted smoked salts, the company said.

“To reimagine and refresh our Artisan brand, we designed packaging and invented containers that are unique, attractive and highly functional,” said Mark Zoske, CEO, SaltWorks. “We are confident that customers are going to love the beauty and versatility, and will be proud to display Artisan on their restaurant tables or in their home kitchens.”

According to the company, the new packaging includes:

New boutique glass jars: The jars were redesigned to be short and wide, making it easy to grab salt with your fingers or use a spoon, the company said. The lids are made of solid black walnut wood that is sustainably harvested in the U.S. and feature a food-grade silicone seal invented by SaltWorks to ensure the jars remains airtight.

New salt shakers: Designed to be the standard display width to fit in retailers’ spice racks, the square shape ensures that the shakers always face forward. With the look and feel of glass, the containers are made of BPA-free polycarbonate that is highly durable for everyday use, said the company. SaltWorks’ engineering team redesigned the lid to make the containers much easier to refill and ensure the caps close tightly to keep the container airtight when not in use, according to the company.

Brand new cutting edge salt grinders: Exclusively designed and offered by SaltWorks, the grinder containers are made of the same polycarbonate as the salt shakers and feature a ceramic grinding mechanism that is adjustable to produce any desired granulation, from a very fine powder-like consistency to coarse, crunchy crystals, SaltWorks said. The container can easily be refilled and reused.

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