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Owner Steve Rosenthal Dishes On Growth Of Tess’ Kitchen Store

Steve Rosenthal, owner of Tess’ Kitchen Store, a Grass Valley, CA-based independent kitchenwares store, has worked to set the store up for future growth since taking over in 2010. Rosenthal purchased the gourmet housewares venue from Rita Burns, who converted the store from a gift and card shop to a housewares store. Burns ran the store for 14 years.

Two years after taking over the store, Rosenthal moved a few doors down to the store’s current location so that he could expand what the store had to offer, opened the commercial kitchen in the downstairs space and started offering cooking classes. He has also recently expanded the wine selection and also has a wine club.

“I have worked to make Tess’ the culinary hub of the foothills. From knowledge to tools to ingredients to serveware, we have everything you need to be a great cook and entertainer,” Rosenthal recently told local news outlet The Union.

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