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Rite Coffee Press Launches On Kickstarter

The Rite Team, a product design company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Rite Press coffee maker.

The Rite Press has a built-in thermometer and timer to ensure proper brewing. The thermometer has colored coding to alert consumers to when coffee is too cold or too hot. A built-in hourglass timer is set for three minutes and thirty seconds. Once the timer runs out, the consumer can see it is time to press down the plunger for French press-style coffee. The timer is magnetically attached to the press.

In addition, the Rite Press also has a twist off, removable bottom enabling users to empty the coffee grounds directly into a trash bin. The press also comes with a micro mesh filter and has double wall insulation.

The Rite Press is available in a one liter size, which brews two cups of coffee, and a two liter size that brews four cups. It is available in a stainless steel or black matte finish. The coffee makers are available for $25 to $30 on the Kickstarter campaign and are expected to ship in March.

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