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Riedel Launches Performance Series Glassware

Riedel has reinvigorating some varietal specific shapes and debuted the optically blown Riedel Performance Series engineered to enhance an imbiber’s perception of wine’s bouquet and flavor.

The Performance Series features machine-made crystal, optically blown with fine ridges along the inside of each bowl. The pattern is said to increase the interior surface area of the glass, increasing the movement and agitation of wine as it swirls around the bowl, expediting aeration and a fuller release of the wine’s aromas, the company said.

Each bowl in the series tapers to an angular shape and the glasses all reach a uniform height, which is a first among Riedel’s luxury glassware, with ultra-thin stems. At the base of the thin stems Riedel’s widest base to date stabilizes the stemware. The new line is suitable for spirits, riesling, chardonnay, champagne, shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir.

A set of two carries a suggested retail price of $59.

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